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Carmen Spigno was born in Diano Marina (IM), in Liguria, and since a young girl she liked drawing and painting, with good results. Primary teacher specializing in image-education, has trained for many years in this discipline ranks of pupils achieving excellent results. Many were the refresher training courses for teachers as required by her as teacher instructed by IRRSAE Liguria.

The Art, in all expressions, has always been a centre of reference for his activities teacher and painter. The painter has participated in numerous exhibitions personal and collective, by levying substantial consensus for the originality of his painting.

Her artistic preparation, as well as personal and academic, was formed at the Italian Artistic Cultural Centre (C.I.A.C.) of Imperia, directed by painter Giuseppe Balbo, from Bordighera, and fundamental was his meeting with the Genoese Andrea Bagnasco, painter with natural lands, founder of the “Group of Soils”.

Literally fascinated by the incredible colors of soil, she was devoted to painting with natural pigments too. In his kind of painting, through the “signs” and “scratches” and uncontaminated by the colors of the earth, emerging love for Nature and the spiritual concerns of our time.

The paintress says: “In our land of Liguria painting with natural pigments and resins becomes half overtime to express not only what you see, but what you feel, think and dream. Through the soil, shaping and tangible element, painting on canvas is expressed as stemming from ancestral memory of Man: a return to his roots and the essence of life.”

In 1997 she promoted the artistic circle of “Amici nell’Arte”, which includes prestigious names of the European landscape, an association of which she is also President.
The Circle consists fact, as well as renowned Italian artists, including Germans, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Swiss and French.

Since 1998, she is responsible for the preparation of events and art exhibitions, sponsored by public administrations or private.
Important events are also promoted within the Circle, among which we must mention the extemporaneous painting competitions, exhibitions of contemporary art, discussions and round tables theme in the halls of the Castle of Garlenda, meetings with artists from other clubs...

Since 2001 she also takes care of conducting courses in drawing and painting, promoted by Circle “Amici nell’Arte”, an activity which has aroused great interest both among young and older people.

On 27 December 2010 the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano has conferred the honor of Knight of the Order “Al Merito della Republica Italiana” for artistic merit. The title was conferred on June 9, 2011 officially by the Prefect of Savona Claudio Sammartino at the Chamber of Commerce of Savona.

The artist lives and works in Liguria, where she has her studio and a permanent exhibition of her works in Garlenda (SV), via Verneto 10.