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Carmen's soil

I tell myself ...

Carmen and her soils

"As a child I had been inclined to look at the strange shapes of nature ... abandoning their charm and their complicated language. Long protruding tree roots, colored veins in the stone, oil spots floating in the water, cracks in the glass, all these things about me exercised a great attraction, especially water and fire, smoke, clouds, the dust..."

So Hermann Hesse says in his book Demian, and these words fit perfectly with my own poetry, because, as noted in my paintings, I harbor a great and respectful admiration for the signs that nature imprints on things spontaneously; they appear to originate without any planning, but in reality are the most scientific and perfect in the universe exists.

Even if my painting seems to be random and "unconscious", is actually the result of rules and very precise and repeatable research. For this reason I have chosen as the material earth, with its natural pigments from many colors and I tied them with an equally natural, fruit trees, the resin dissolved in water, which becomes a special glue.

My painting has as its principal tools and manual gesture, since contact with the "medium", to be successful, must take place in a concrete and direct, in a complete "immersion" in the natural world in this way soul is freed from oppression and the painting becomes a powerful cathartic. In "signs", in "graffiti" and "traces" expressed with natural pigments show all my love for "Mother Earth" and through them I get closer to the ancestral memory of our ancestors and it seems to me to live back to basics and the essence of life. 

Land next to my work in a wide range of materials and natural materials, such as raw wood from the beautiful grain, burlap, cork, cardboard, net, sand, glass, slate, which will add metals, in a constant search of expressive possibilities ...

The painting represents the moment the land, and happier, my artistic research, which began as a child, following the techniques of canonical pastel, charcoal, tempera and oil, and also passing for photography, comics, music and theatre.

Essentially, it was in 1997 the meeting with the painter Andrea Bagnasco of Genoa, founder of the "Group of the Lands", which marked a turning point in my research, directing it to new chromatic and stylistic experiments. With Andrea, a dear friend and talented artist, I realized that painting with earth, is down to the roots of things, pursuing the most essential values of life.